MUSCLE UP Intra Workout Fuel, 40 Servings Net Wt.300g

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TITAN Muscle Up is an Intra-Workout Fuel, providing your body with the most potent formulation scientifically proven to increase your overall performance and accelerate recovery. This means that you will get stronger, train longer and fight fatigue.

Finish your workout as strong as you started.


The Complete Intra-Workout Fuel.

-Pure Vegan Fermented BCAA’s to fuel your muscles through every set,

-Pure Vegan Fermented L-Glutamine to support gut & immune health, enhance muscle growth and   recovery, fights muscle fatigue.

-Ultra Soluble Creatine HCL, build more muscle recover faster between sets,

-Why Creatine HCL? No cramping, 100% absorption, no loading phase and no bloating.

-Betaine for increased Creatine synthesis, optimised cellular hydration, increased strength and endurance.



Benefits of adding MUSCLE UP to your training routine;

// Improves Strength,

// Increases Muscle Size,

// Speeds Up Recovery,

// Reduces Muscle Soreness & Fatigue.


How to take MUSCLE UP Intra Workout;

As a dietary supplement mix 1-2 level scoops with 300-600ml cold water and consume during training. MUSCLE UP can be used as a post training recovery drink. On non training days consume 1-2 servings.

DISCLAIMER: This is a complementary medicine and has not been evaluated and verified by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority for its quality, safety, or intended use. Use of this product must not substitute the obtaining of medical advice from a registered health professional for any health conditions you may have. To avoid an adverse reaction, please obtain advice from your medical practitioner if you are pregnant/breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication.